Quiddler Poem: a single 7-round game of playing-card word-game Quiddler used as random generator for poem development. The final round of 10-card hands begins the poem, moving backward through to the first round of 3-card hands. Quiddler words are all-caps.

Thanksgiving 2021. Game #2.

Slung over the table lamp, an UNCLEAN PEEL

Held a heady memory of TIP-TOE SEX.

Over the chairback a CLEAN FROCK

Gestured toward an ebony BRAID, seeming

Disembodied from the slumbering blankets, yet

Somehow SEXY in its foreignness,

Allowing a HINT of SIN that NO amount

of WIT could allay his urge to EAT.

His hand began to ROAM under the cover, sightless

And a real GOER, in the elements

Without a GLOVE, to SET

upon what felt a PERM with an

unset EPOXY, seaming smooth a languid QUAD.

Where could his hand GO next and not

BE THINE, heraldic HEN?

though yesterday’s spent appetite had turned to ROT.

Thanksgiving 2021. Game #4

WHY, as

His OLDER eye would LUGE against

the slow LUG of his dying eye,

a SQUINTER would shudder his vision


and a WIFEY shape

a HINEY contour

JAM through is mind’s eye with a thought of “OUR”

and for every NINTH breathe GREW a SOB.

In his vision of “our” is a LAD,

A himself that could DINE over

SAGE conversation where THE ANSWER was

never offered, and luminous TATA beckoned

as a dessert following dessert.

His hand of thinning bones under parchment skin, a sudden

sense of metallic FOIL wrapped around

her still-warm course, that he promises

not to pick at or BUG as they GET ON

the trolley; long since dismantled: to their apartment;

long since dismantled: and a sense of warmth

in his hand that is hers; long since dismantled.

Thanksgiving 2021. Game #3

Spying It, his brother had tagged It

“a rude little DITZ-PETER”,

Opening an inopportune door, a sister’s friend cast It


To his shrieked “no-knock CHANER-QUIFE!”

He was ever an OGLER of EARTHY bits

Of VOGUE. a WAN offspring

of effete WRITERS

who would DINE on words by the TON.

He was a stranded JINX-PUBE;

he never could DOUBT the TRUTH of IT,

never SALVE the HEATY

animal NORM that seemed his only GOAL:

to stow away to the CAN

and resurrect his CLOD.

Thanksgiving 2021. Game #1


convinced her of a BOAT

beached in a GAUZE of mist,

a scrim of misremembered QUOTE.

Her mind; a wretched VOYUER-EYE,

a myopic WAIF’s HOPE searching

for a KEY that in memory

had opened a SEAL to YOU.

a PANG at A TRACE, a glimpse

of a TOE.


FLOATING on JUNK, RID of passengers

she sensed a GIST of some dark thing that forever


and her hand cut water like an OAR.

Another imperative driver of Longtermism is the inevitable extinction of the human race, as described by Henry Gee; paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and editor at Nature in Scientific American. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/humans-are-doomed-to-go-extinct/

“I suspect that the human population is set not just for shrinkage but collapse—and soon. Gee “

This looming inevitability of extinction is coming irrespective of climate collapse, wars, or peak oil. Human infertility has a date of 2045, shown by U.S. epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan. That is the point that the human race is functionally sterile, as in the dystopian film Children of Men. The race to merge human intelligence to an AI Platform is of immanent concern to the Longtermist accolade. Consider that Elon Musk was an early donor to the Longtermist dogma, and consider the new smartphone by Tesla profiled here, and skip to the 5 minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUnTBJ1pWqI. The groundwork for the platform is already laid with the level 5 autonomous driving platform, and a human / AI interface comes to fruition with the satellite net in conjunction with the phones’ massive processor linking to the Neural-Link. This AI/Human, or half-jack, is the operative function necessary to fully train the self-learning platform to manifest the AI-Positive base program. In essence, creating the parameter for the sentient AI ghost-in-the-machine to emerge, as portrayed in the character of Jane introduced in Orson Scott Card’s novel Speaker for the Dead, although Jane came to existence in the prior novel, Ender’s Game through interfacing with Ender. A deep nerd-cut there, from reading them back in the 1980’s…

There is an important difference from the Silicon Valley bit-Ascension postulated in the scenario of the Singularity nerdgasm; this pseudo-rapture of individual human consciousness is not an aspect of the Longtermist’ AI-Positive Jane scenario. The Jane consciousness is a new state of silicon “being” far removed from human ability to grasp and outside of our field of awareness. This can be counted as 10 to power of 58 individuals, to weight its importance as a hyperobject- but could also be counted as a pervasive self-awareness in a manner of a new god realizing itself. The Singularity is similar to an evangelical arm of an emergent Utopian creed offering a euphoric end-time solution to meet an apocalypse scenario, while the AI-Positive Jane is the same religion altering the grift to a focus on Resurrection of an Alpha/Omega that may or may not result in a Last Judgement algorithm for humanity.

For a primer here are two great articles:



Most critical discussions at academic or msm level are discouraged by their peers prior to publication.

There are unstated correlations that are foundational to the discussion, yet third-rail issues. Lets have a think…

Petroleum Resource Bottleneck and Effective Altruism

The rubric of Longtermism argues that all Rare Earth minerals and Petroleum / Plastics must be conserved and directed to an AI-Positive outcome (and in immediate response to an AI-Negative outcome). AI-Positive describes Longtermism’ premise of algorithmic expansion of “consciousness”, loosely human, on an AI platform expanding through space/time in proportion to growing spiritual enlightenment as the numeric 10 to the 58. Currently humanity is an uncounted “nth” decimal place to this vast potential, and so, irrelevant as a whole; yet of primary importance in the small percentage of first-world capitalists accelerating AI in tech/engineering, cold fusion, quantum computing, and space travel that is the sole avenue to the AI-Positive future. 

The looming bottleneck of industrial resources is of primary concern to Longtermism. The international push for Green Technology to serve all of humanity will result in consuming all remaining resources to create this competing paradigm, simultaneously accelerating the climate catastrophe, which creates another inevitable bottleneck ensuring the end of human consciousness and its AI equivalent. An alternative paradigm that equally allows all rapacious international extraction/trade/finance/manufacture as an absolute necessity, and posits this as a singular path to moral good, IF & WHEN, the Creative Class (recursive 1% bubble) make this a political reality, while giving 10% of their earnings (not the untaxed brackets or off-shored assets) to a new paradigm of  philanthropy called Effective Altruism (EA) and in doing so align themselves with the AI-Positive future, and bonus: greed, finally, is good- with EA currently valued at 46 billion USD.

EA is premised on “the NEEDS of the many outweigh the needs of the one, or the few”. The many being the 10 to the 58 AI-positive space-fairing super-spiritualized self-actualized future-folk, and their NEEDS being the creation said of AI-positive direction that moves humanity through the space/tec bottleneck by irreplaceably valuable first world titans, who’s endeavors become the only value and the rest of humanity deemed mathematically insignificant. If significant at all, only as the 20 million central Americans who died at the arrival of Spain in the 15th Century, in financing the Counter-Reformation and peripherally instigating the Age of Reason and modern industrialization. Or maybe as remote to the Aztec as the Mayan civilization that had fallen long before Spain / European arrival. Even the most critical modern Titan will be to the algorithm of the AI-Future-Folk, less important than the stranded Neanderthal DNA in said Titan’s Homo-Sapiens Sapiens genome.

This is a new paradigm for philanthropy that encourages ignoring the majority of the living people of the planet. When compared to the possible 10 to the 58 AI-future-folk, the current living majority is meaningless, yet can simultaneously be weighted evenly and possibly override the AI-Positive future-folk.  Hence the current population of the earth is a clear and present danger, due to the industrial resource bottleneck coupled with accepted norms of philanthropic concern for humanity- both of which need to be jettisoned from the rubric of concern and replaced with the new paradigm of Effective Altruism, whose sole purpose is rewarding the AI-Positive first-world international private-capitol/industrial system.

other considerations: Corporate Capture / Government Capture to secure AI-Positive from AI-Negative outcome of algorithm-driven defense disaster.

Character Building through Human Capture: the premise for AI-Positive consciousness.

Just after dark on Wed the 27th an email came in from a fellow SLC artist, informing me that his neighbor had just recovered a pair of my trout that were lying in the street/median after an apparent hit and run by a car. This is the same group that was hit by a car previously, and I headed up to see how the triple group faired. The triple group was hit as well, but the ground was soft from our recent weeks of rain and they were just pushed to a 35 degree tilt- all the welds held and they weren’t dented this time. There was still a stream hoop from the missing pair topping one of two shoved-over poles, the hoop was in good shape save for the missing everything else. There was a lot of car debris: headlight, grill bits, trim, etc. It must have been a newer car with the updated pedestrian safety standards, saving the sculptures from the beating they had taken a few years ago. I headed over to the rescuer’s house, she met me at the door telling me a pair of young fellows had helped her lift the sculpture into her SUV. Her husband helped me move the pair of trout and their remaining hoop into the truck- and easy shift across.