The mold needed to be pulled tighter than the bolt/pins allowed, so I cinch-strapped it together. I ran a few tests with water to figure this all out, and got it watertight. Next I flipped it over into the ol garbage can and mixed batches of hydrocal at less than a quart per batch and began pouring them in, tapping and jiggling the mold and garbage can to release air bubbles. The mold came out perfectly seamed together- like a little jagged lightning tatoo around the body. I broke the ball/hand off when pulling it from the mold, even with help- but drilled a pin into the ball and the shoulder and glued it back in place.
The weight of the piece causes problems- all the problems I try to avoid with the hollow forms- of the feet shattering as the support rod is tightened down to the base. I really just need to start sculpting the figure on a small platform that I mold along with the figure. The weight makes it tippy, and cracks the brittle plaster easily- so I elevated her a bit and filled under and over with plaster. This helped, but the only real solution is to cast her in wax, and then on to bronze.
Next I will show some close-ups comparing the figures.

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