Gallus Elizabeth: CentaurE


Wyandotte/Buttercup Hen from Draper Library in Draper Utah
Elizabeth with Heavy Ball



Chicken mid process of pulling the plaster.
A sub-par cast of Eliz. volunteers to merge with the hen.



The nesting centaur may be an interesting direction to come back to, but the amazing balance that occurs with the addition of legs is too interesting for me to leave alone for quite some time. Having an entire standing Centaur is just too fun and quirky to back off from.



The challege in merging the human/chicken into a convincing centaur, that will be structurally sound as well, lies in the gesture. I chose the Wyandotte hen to go with Eliz because I thought their attitudes were similar; the energetic quality of the hen and human complemented one another and lent good direction to fusing them together. Finding the correct angles and proportions for cutting and joining the figure and legs means starting way back from where you think the cut should be- then cutting small sections away at a time. The sections are like chainsawing a thin disk from a felled tree- I use a body grider with a thin cutting wheel for this. Coming up with idea of a little “chicken breast” at the base of her torso helped as well- it was initially a lump from undersupports of joining the torso, but as I filed it back I noted the balance became less convincing. The round fully fluffed feathery “chicken breast” came into being with adding plaster and filing it down again till it ‘read’ correctly.

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