This will be the last Centaur Chicken I create for a bit. I have a few more in mind, but I have some new ideas going in a different direction. The Centaur figures have answered many technical concerns, laying a solid groundwork for media use. I will still be playing with existing molds of figures, but allowing the figure to act as a stepping off point for exploration.
The centaur figures don’t require the kind of creative attention and originality that generates a genuine motivation. By this I mean that they are a pre-existent idea that require a skilled process to create, but the process of creation does not significantly inform them or lead anywhere new: I know which figure and chicken will fuse well, which parts I’m putting where, and how it will turn out.  There is no risk of failure, no invention of necessity, no real interaction necessary- in other words, they are boring me. A good direction leads into the unknown and has inherent failures- risk and exploration inspire new ideas and new directions.



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