MrSir sits for Portraits for E’s birthday

Yellow Cat, aka MrSir, aka Monarch of Cmonster sat for his portraits last week. Elizabeth’s birthday was fast approaching, and the Sir and I and Cmonster (Carmine the German Shepherd) had come up with nothing so far. The Sir wanted to give her something personal she could bring to work- other than his hair on her dresses- we brainstormed a bit and Carmine wondered what was wrong with sending her out the door with some nice hair anyway…our brainstorming sessions are a low-wattage affair, so we went to our separate tasks of coughing up hairballs, barking at squirrels, excessive napping, and whatever it is the Sir and Cmonster keep busy with. Later in the week MrSir followed me around the house insistently batting at my legs and waving his paws from the top of the stairs and communicating with big silent meows: I knew he had thought of something important. He hopped up on the laptop keys and sat on the camera and looked out the window, then waved a paw at my hands as I typed along, then busied himself with smacking pencils off the desk. Then he hopped down, swept close enough to Carmine to make her shrink up and look away, then paraded from the room; knowing his idea was the only one worth a damn.
It was a good idea, for a cat, good enough that I could pass it off as my own.

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