Bails at Square Butte: in-progress

Smoke from forest fires burning across Montana turn the daytime sun a hammered gold, and the evening sunlight copper, orange, and red. I am making up all the color- expressive of the way the smoke changes the atmosphere. I did the underpainting (below) in hot colors to give what would have been the overpainting of greens/blues a vibrant bleedthrough- but the smoke this summer and the past few summers has such a tangible force, giving the reds and yellows a precedence I usually ascribe to the dusty air of the desert.
It is particularly humid here today, and the camera steams up as soon I take the painting out for a snapshot- so the intensity is off, but it is still in mid-process. As is the piece from yesterday. Both were begun years ago, and I’m finally getting around to them again…

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