Commission Entry Miasma

this week has disappeared into a blink of sending out for a commission.

Yes, that is a tree made out of dust brooms, and a little bush of whisk brooms. It didn’t start out like this, but the initial ideas were too complex, too large, too expensive to fabricate, and some were just too whatever. these are for a park in Broomfield, Colorado. They let me know if I’m in the pool of finalists next Friday- about as likely as winning the lottery, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

This drawing didn’t make the application- I wasn’t satisfied with the resolution for the top, but I probably should have included it anyway. It would be the long-needle pine, while the dust broom above is a Fir.

The drawings, once I’d settled on the idea, took only a day. But getting there took a few days. Then there was the blister on my brain of creating letterhead, updating everything, and all the related minutia of being a one-man show.

on the upside, my gal discovered that Rush has a new album out: Snakes & Arrows. I found an independent record store just down the road and picked it up. All of the above drawings were made listening to the album, and although I can’t say exactly why, though I do have many specific little things, the album became less shiny with every turn- I’ll spare you my critique of the album…as I realize that only old die-hard fans listen to the new albums of Rush anyway- and I’ll continue to listen to Snakes & Arrows till I have a better resolution of my non-plussed reaction to it.

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