Haybails are still rolling…

The detail of the yellow bands in the top of the sky, above the cloud of smoke and horizontally banded orange haze below, finally brought this one together. Shifting the color to vertical bands united the grass with the sky, and complemented the dynamic of the bail shadows. I shifted the manner of painting and the colors of the haybail shadows quite a bit as well. Another area of constant adjustment was the relationship of the mountains to advance and vibrate as a line of tension and weight behind the staccato of the bails. I referenced a large 2’x4′ landscape with haybails that I did while living at the ranch to formalize some of the qualities of this one.
After completing this one, I realized I need to go back into the two below and clean up a few distractions, so that is next on the agenda- then on to the second and last of the smoke ambered pair. Process images of the amber/smoke pair are posted previously…

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