Maquette for Dust Broom Tree

It’s a funny thing to propose a conceptual work of art- using appropriated found objects in a nod to Duchamp’s “readymades”- then have to create a model of the work by fabricating no-longer ready-made objects: in this case, the dust broom.

This is about 1/5 scale- the model is some 20 inches tall representing the 8′ proposed tree. The initial material was a slightly smaller fiber, but synthetic and a bit yellow, and with much larger knotting (the central part of the broom). I had made quite a few before my girlfriend recommended trying a fabric store. The material we found there was much better- organic fiber, a bit thicker and longer, and the knots were tied three times rather than two, and tied much more compactly. I threw out all the prior brooms, as they looked like Barby-Brooms in comparison.
I started the Whisk Broom bush, but didn’t like how it was coming out. I went back for yet another online search and finally found some tiny brooms (I had been modifying tassels, and it just didn’t read well). It will be next week before they arrive, so that gives me time to play around with the Push Broom tree.

The base will be a grouping of stainless steel pipe, of at least 2″ diameter. The branches may be smaller stock, as I can weld the brooms together and bolster the structure. If the commission comes through, this will require a lot of tack-welds, positioning and repostitioning, marking, then taking the whole thing apart to start at the top and make solid welds throughout.

The image with the broom on the ground may be a better idea than the fully formed tree…hmmm.
I like the internal branches showing, but the skirt needed to drop further- as I want it to read more as a topiary tree. Since taking the images below I have gone back in and added branches similar to the ones visible in the images above- they would be visible for the viewer who gets up close to the tree, and a layer of tight branches also takes care of the issue of kids crawling up inside the tree and getting stuck.

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