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I’m letting some paint dry right now in the second bedroom, as part of restoring it from E’s walk-in closet, and can’t help but post some art-fiddlin’
The colors are a few notes off, but you get the idea. I tweaked something in my neck over the weekend and couldn’t move much, so I diddled around with color and design while I waited for some horse pills to take effect and allow me to get back to packing up the place.

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I boxed the finished Broom Trees up this morning and mailed them out to Broomfield- it is a relief to have them out the door. Shipping ran me $52 through UPS- the regular $8 would not have guaranteed it there by 4pm Monday, and risked disqualification. The good news is that it moves via air-mail this way, and has a better chance of survival.

I didn’t have to make each one of the brooms for the Whisk Bush, as was the case with the dust brooms used in the tree. I found them online for cheap, but express shipping doubled the cost.
Creating the base wound up being a bit silly. I had left my wallet in E’s purse Monday night while at a Labor Day dinner with friends, and so it accompanied her to work on Tuesday. I had used up every scrap of MDF on other sculptures earlier in the summer, but scoured the shop anyway- nothing. I wound up taking apart a base for a tool and cutting it into sections for multiple groupings.

This commission actually pays an honorarium for creating the maquettes- the UPS shipping tilted me over the amount today. Some commissions don’t offer anything for creating the maquettes, so I’m glad it cost as little as it did.

Meanwhile, Carmine has been boxing up to move again. E and I found a much better place and are moving on the 15th. After the morning 20-miler on bikes with our friend Sean, we spent the rest of Monday packing up the 30plus pictures. I have yet to start dealing with the sculptures. We close up a box or two every night, and I get more done each day- hopefully this keeps it from being the crazy and crippling event of our last move.

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