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My last post on this figure was quite some time ago- way back in late June, then the horrible little place we were in clamped down under the 115 degree swelter and I barely managed to dink around with some old paintings.
A lot went on during the past few months; moving again to a much better place, a big family funeral for E’s Grandmother who passed the weekend we moved, building Carmine a fenced yard, getting back on the bike for yesterday’s 80 mile ride of the Octoginta in Lawrence-
I’ve put a bit of time back into this pose- still an “Easter Island” noggin on her, but she has come far enough it may be time to have E take the dreaded pose again.

I put the sculpture on the ground and took a few shots looking down, and realized I have to have E pose on the floor for a bit, as things look off from above. The last time I switched viewing angles all sorts of issues popped, so I’m hoping this new angle will resolve some remaining awkwardness.
Reclining poses are tough as so much of the figure is obscured by the ground plane, that and the relationship of the skeletal structure to muscles and flesh finds a new dynamic.


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