Standing Female Nude with Heavy Ball

This figure made the journey from Utah to Kansas, and from the first place to the new place- without being destroyed, although she was altered quite a bit.
I set her up a few days ago to see what would come of her. I have her fairly well back to life, as E took this pose for a bit a few nights back (have yet to get E back into the reclining pose, as we are still putting the house together). I began this pose with photos from a model, it got out of proportion pretty fast as I had taken shots from weird angles. I was going to kill it, but E took the pose for an hour or so back in Utah, and it self-corrected quickly enough. The photos are lost in boxland for now…or maybe forever- the pose had a line of weight attached to the ball she held, so that she was pulling foreward as well as holding the heavy ball. E has just held the ball, and I sometimes forget about the other force line- which was very important to me when I set up the pose originally.
I’m working between pushing anatomy and having it maintain human quality: in other words not flatten it with eggheadedness, yet challenge myself to show a bit more of the underlying structure. I really need to quit fussing over it and pull things apart a bit more.

I’m also looking at how large I can make the ball she holds. There are some constraints of hand placement, and I think I’ve gotten it about as large as the pose will allow. It is quite a bit bigger than the ball she held, but I still wonder if its visual weight is reading well. I’d like to be able to alter the object/size in multiple castings, but that will be way down the road.

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