New House & Studio!

Our new digs. It’s Oct 25th and the grass is still green, so too the trees.  After a few bouts with toxic molds and other ailments from the POS house in Merriam, we resolved to move and found this great place. Moving twice in 6 months was tiresome, but well worth it. Our last place was one block from a major freight train rail, and three blocks from the interstate. Now we are out in the country, or what is left of it in these parts 

Can you see the lake just beyond the end of the cul-de-sac? I had to build a little fenced-in yard out back for Carmine, as most lawns just roll into the neighbor like a giant park or golf course- depending on who’s lawn. I just go out front with Cmonster and the ball chucker- pretty keen.


This is the inside view of the Studio. Mr Sir has claimed Carmine’s bed, as well as the couch- depending on where the sun is. This room also has a large skylight, and the level just above has two glass doors to the wrap-around porch. There is great light in the studio all day long.
The garage is the shop/studio, and is heated/air-conditioned and insulated.
Downstairs is a cosy living room of the same dimensions, with another fireplace.  
Great for that big commission, or for getting my own work moving. I have no excuses now…

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