Hello gentle reader, sorry for the long absence, but I was bitten by a Zombie just after Halloween and have been mostly undead since.
The morning I departed for DC I had a fever of 100 and an elevated heart rate. By the time E and I shuffled through the East Wing Art Bldg and the new Smithsonian of the Native American I was up to 102, then spent the remaining trip battling a fever of 104.4. There are no med centers in DC, instead docs make hotel calls at a rate of around $500, so no doc for Danger. On Friday afternoon when I was slipping into full-on Zombie undeadness, E gave me a dose of her antibiotic for the bacterial and viral pneumonia/bronchitis/laryngitis she had been struggling with for 20 days. That got me through the trip home on Sat, and I then went into a 30 hour sweat (I’d already sweat soaked the hotel in DC in two bouts) which tired both of us out. E in being nursemaid and laundress, and I lost seven pounds- something an 80  mile bikeride followed by two weeks of 20 mile daily rides couldn’t do.
Then my mom came to visit and I drove us all a couple hundred miles to Omaha Nebraska to visit cousins I haven’t seen in 20 years. It was E’s first meeting with my mother. This sounds like a fever-dream, but it really happened.

I haven’t seen the camera in awhile, I think it may have stayed in Nebraska, so can’t share the little art goofs I’ve been making. But then Zombie art isn’t really postable anyway…  

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