Zombie Art

Give some paint chips and some hole punches to an Art Zombie and watch the undead fun! This falls under the category of Obsessive Automatonic- another fine Danger category of post-postmodernism wherein skill is supplanted by repetition. Next time I bring a camera to the new Nerman art museum at the JCCC I’ll post some examples of how this idea plays out in museum level art objects.
Meanwhile, below is one I cranked out as my mom’s birthday card. Sorry about the bad light, but it is a dark and snowy day today (it was 72 yesterday)- and our camera has yet to materialize, so I’m borrowing E’s sister’s for the morning. The human figure sculptures are progressing, but they still have a way to go before being postworthy. I’m also going back into an Alabaster form, created way back when I was teaching High School as an example for the kiddies, that needs to become something worthwhile. It is a good exercise for me to break apart a literal object and reduce it to a formal exploration of media. When it gets farther along I’ll post some before and after.

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