Paint Chipism

Falling under the category “Obsessive Automatomic”: a Post-Modern equivalent for “talent” utilizing an easy and monotonous process to arrange a common media by foregoing an approach that requires skill, complex decisions, and training. In other words, any monkey could do it, but what monkey would want to? Answer: the monkey who thought of it first, or any monkey who thinks they can sell it. That’s what Creative Genius amounts to now that art is officially dead.
In having foregone TV, Elizabeth and I are now easing off on our Netflixing as well, and spending a few hours each evening playing around with Paint Chips and die cutters to create little triptychs. The squares are 3 and 1/4 inches, and the rectangles are 3×2 or so. We thought we’d give them out as Xmas presents, but now are thinking we’ll just hang on to them.
The colors are actually much more jewel like- they look great on my iphoto file, but seem to lose their luster here.

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