There Will Be Blood

A couple I viewed the film with were convinced that Daniel was evil, and that we saw his character deteriorate- which I assume will be a knee jerk reaction for many Xtians and apologists. This is not the case. Daniel, in many aspects, personifies the ideal of Nietzsche’s Superman, ie a man who follows an unflinching truth of character that does not shift for sentimentality or loneliness and abhors the lie of religion and of false claims of love/fidelity. This is easily one of the best films ever to contemplate the existential dilemma of the singularity of human experience.  
 But then, “I don’t like people” either…
I have yet to find a review of this movie that has any idea of what they are talking about. Perhaps the religious fog that our culture wades blindly about in makes it impossible for an audience to appreciate the Heroic character that Day-Lewis creates. Lets all take a moment and contemplate that Odysseus- the archetype of the Hero’s Journey in Western culture, killed “everyone” upon his return. Our consumer culture creates plastic ready-made Hero’s of “everyone”, and these cowards want only to sit blithely through another plastic experience that affirms their own decadence. They can only spin in place when viewing this film, which brings them unflinchingly face to face with their own playtoy facsimile of a moral compass. As an art form, I like to consider that this film is akin to Odysseus slaying the suitors feasting on his milkshake- and that “everyone” who sees the film is similarly killed. This killing of “everyone” that I suggest as the film’s true power, is not physical, but neither is it metaphoric.

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