Quick Gestural Figure







After diddling around with the two half-life-size gals for way too long, creating a little 1/4 life size figure from out of my head seemed necessary. I’ve had an idea of having a model pose with a heavy hoop that pulls down and directionally (like by a rope attached to the hoop that pulls away); the hoop isn’t very heavy or pulling too hard, but whatever. I created the armature and  modeled out the figure in about a day. This is the first time I’ve sculpted the figure without a model, and it seems like a good idea to do a few more and really begin to push the gesture by activating the hoop. From this experience of working from imagination I have found many anatomical blank spots, and reveal a personal shorthand of the figure I have subconsciously adapted and now can begin to grapple with more overtly.
Plus I got to work with the little bit of nice white clay I have around, vs the 8 buckets of ancient pink stuff. It’s like going from classroom waterbased clay to porcelain…

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