Monthly Archives: May 2008

This is why I have been absent from my post for a few weeks: the latest Figure With Heavy Ball- the ball as metaphor for all the unseen weights borne/perpetuated/imagined/real.  I started him the Monday after The Existentialist, and have been working on him and the previous unfinished female figure with heavy ball (she has been a bit of a nemisis…). I think this is the best figure I’ve created to date, so that implies improvement- which is encouraging. The model is 47 years old, 6’2″, 190lbs, shaved bald (E’s brother-in-law: sorry ladies, he’s taken). Quite a lean and muscular build, which inspired capturing his sense of strength. I took digital photos and created a slide show on the MacBook, then worked from the laptop images- I’ll have him over sometime mid-month to work on the face/portrait. This is a half-sized figure, but still large at just over 3′ tall, he took about 8 gallons of clay.

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