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The summer has seen a reversal of the art process. First there was a two month lull as I flew and then drove from Kansas to MT to help my dad through Chemo. Meanwhile Elizabeth accepted her old job back in Salt Lake City, so she flew out to MT and we drove back to SLC and found a place to rent (with a 2% rental vacancy we were lucky to get the place we did, even though it is 1/3 the size of our Kansas place at the same price, and nothing compared to the house I owned here in SLC before- though the rental is more expensive). We then drove back to Kansas and packed everything up and hired some goons to lift/carry/stack it into a semi trailer- somewhere between their slipshod packing of the trailer, the semi driver’s banging the load around, and the cheap non-English speaking crew we hired to drop our stuff out of the back of the truck upon arrival: somewhere in there my work of the last year took a decisive step backward. Many pieces were damaged, shattered, or otherwise (not to mention our furniture and large appliances): some of my crates were crushed, and any mold that wasn’t crated was ripped by the load shifting- most notably the large fish mold was ripped nearly in half, and it needs to create another school of fish for an expansion of the first commission- I should have crated it and let the bronze and aluminum figures tough it out…but in our two prior moves nothing had been damaged at all.
It is good to be out of Kansas though. And Salt Lake is something like a desert version of my “home town” of Boulder, Colorado. Carmine gets hikes up to alpine lakes, but can no longer chase her ball across our huge acreage of Kansas lawn- we are so city-bound that she has to be on a leash at all times. What she doesn’t know is that in just a few more days we will be back at the ranch for at least a month, where she doesn’t even wear a collar.

We got this old gal out of mothballs and tuned her up so we could sell her. Which leads to a comedy of errors. We’ll see if I get around to that…

Porcupines are like Catnip for dogs…

The riding mower had broken down, so it was up to me to weld the old push mower back together and beat the jungle down.

The hedge had gone
untrimmed for  a few summers, then a spring snow laid it down last
year, and by this year it was eight feet wide and over 10 feet tall in
some places. Here, Carmine advises me on the best plan of action. First I stood it upright, removing everything that the
snow had bent down. This left a tall skinny row.

Then I decapitated that row.
Carmine is holding a stick across her paws, one of the many that the hedge provided.

The other project was the collapsing porch. The porch gets drifted in during the winter, and is never shoveled off. This old front door hardly sees any use at all, even in the summer.
The roof had hung down and blocked the windows, and invited all sorts of wasps and birds to nest in the revealed slats above (bees had built a hive in one of the walls years ago). This picture is from the prior summer; the ceiling had deteriorated even more since then…

 I only replaced 1/2 of the deck, as the darker area toward the corner was holding its own well enough.

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