MT: September Begins with Snow

We had 1.75 inches of rain in past few days, after about 6 weeks with no significant amount. We fired up the wood-burning stove yesterday to keep the chill out- our high temp at the ranch was 41.
It snowed for the better part of an hour yesterday, and actually stuck in the hills far above the ranch. On the drive to town today the Rocky Mountains, from the headwaters of the Missouri up to Canada, had a thick white blanket.  The forested hills behind the ranch showed a lot of white as well.

The jungle-yard of June has laid down as a yellow brown dust- it
actually shrank since the last time I mowed it in July, but with all the rain
it has already greened up again.

We are in town today for an apres-Chemo scan, a radioactive “dye” is administered through an I.V. drip for an hour, then he is scanned. We get the results next Monday. ( they lost all the scans they did that day, and we had to rescan the next week, then get the results the following week- which came back positive: which meant another scan the following week- leading to more chemo the following week ie the last week of Sept.)

Meanwhile, Carmine is happy to be collar-free again and able to hike and run and swim as much as a dog can take, with out ever leaving her 1,600 acre yard.

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