Cabin Fever Doodles

I invested in a set of gray ink pens before heading out, and finally did some doodles during the rainy weekend (and last week…). The armless/headless Greek sculpture lives in Kansas City- a long way from the Mediterranean and a long when as well. I took picts of it last year and drew from the laptop. The torso gets a bit long on the front view, but that’s the fun of working in pen- there’s no going back.
The pencil drawings are from June/July.
The two below are from a series of picts experimenting with poses for the Orpheus & Eurydice commission. Those picts are back in SLC this trip out, buried in a box. These were fun to work out, as they are fairly intellectual works: intellectual drawings may sound a bit odd, but these pieces are more about the background knowledge of structure and exploring that knowledge.
We had a small break in the weather on Friday afternoon and I took the truck up over the hill and brought down 4 trees with the chainsaw, sectioned them out, piled them in the old ranch truck, unloaded them, split them, and stacked them. That should keep the cold out for a while; it hasn’t snowed since last week, but the nights are getting down into the 30s.


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