First Day of Autumn

Walkies are getting colorful. Yesterday Carmine and I brought down 3 more trees, and sectioned and split them- another cord of firewood for the wood-house. The bear that Carmine chased out of the yard on the 4th of July was just down the road from the house, browsing the berry bushes. We had two fellows come up and re-roof some small ranch buildings with steel (now every roof is steel), and I used the old cap of one old garage to re-cap another. I pulled the wheels from the old Mustang, they were the old tires I put on way back in High School and are too rotten to inflate any more- I had them replaced with used tires that will be good enough to roll it out of the garage and back. Maybe we can get the ol’ gal running.
Today we start a new round of Chemo, with a new mix of Chemo. We thought we had finished up a month ago, but no such luck. We’ll be coming in once a week for the course of the new meds, for a timeframe that isn’t established. I bought Carmine a pack of 10 tennis balls and a new bag of dogfood, just to cover all the bases.

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