Home Improvement?

If “Home is where the heart is” and the heart is in the chest, then Home Improvement it is!
This is what happens when I am selected by majority vote for a $90,000 commission, and yet it goes to the other guy. I must be related to Al Gore. Instead of going on to win a Nobel Prize for telling people to change their light bulbs and buy a new car, I rig a pull-up bar. For all you muscleheads out there who’s bar doesn’t fit the old wide doorways of your dilapidated rental; this solution only put four screws into the walls- the rest is screwed to itself. None too pretty, but sturdy and cheap.
I now have no excuses for not re-booting my P90X Tony Horton workouts. I was so close to being on my way to edging toward a minimal level of buffness back in May, after more than two months of training 6 days a week. Today is the second day after the first day back at it (having skipped yesterday) and the soreness is surreal.

In other news, my Bonneville Cutthroat commission from a few years back is well liked enough that the City wants another school of fish further up the stream/road. The new group will be in the median cresting the hill of a major intersection (2100 S and 1300 E). I dropped the molds off at the foundry and picked up some silicon mold for the 1/2 life size sculpture of Peter. It was damaged a little in the move, and the gesture permanently shifted- but after six hours on him a few days ago, and probably about the same again, he will be ready to mold!

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