New Look for Peter

It took being on the verge of molding for me to finally get around to finishing the face. I had planned on having Peter sit for me for a few hours, but that was way back in Kansas. Bringing the figure back to life after it was bashed up and collapsing from the move left me considering just tearing it down. He came back to life, and in reengaging with the detail of his arms and hands, then some touch-up on the face- & I realized it had become a serious piece again that I needed to get back on board with. So yesterday I cut his face off and expanded the volume of his head, as it was teeny and odd. Then I worked on the face a bit and realized it was too long and I had to re-remove his face and shrink things back a bit. Before all this I found my disk of Peter and pulled up some images toward the end of the pose when the weight was beginning to wear on him. The expression on the prior face was serene and boyish- not what I was going for.

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