Roostaur: Tailwing in Progress

“All At Once” is how Roostaurs like to enter the scene. His appearance means that Peter’s silicon mold worked out, and the plaster mother-mold as well- mostly. He is formed by hand lay-up of Hydrostone backed with hemp fiber, both sides of the mold done separately, then fitted and joined. When he is finished up I’ll pull a good straight figure of Peter and re-do an Elizabeth with her ball (the others broke in the move from KC)- as the Hemp/Hydrostone is impressive in strength-to-weight ratio, as well as simplicity-to-loss-of-sanity (of hydrocal and plaster bandage) ratio. Books on tape from the library help mitigate the process-malaise, and the higher ratio of success with the new materials helps as well. But all that is for December. Now it is all about the Roostaur and a certain little Public Art model that he figures prominently in, thrice. I’ll post the maquette for the Public Art idea soon- it is done, but I’m still deciding how done…maybe just a few more minutes simmering in the art cooker.

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