Art vs Entropy

Part way to a finished Hydrostone cast of Elizabeth with Ball- again. The others of lesser plasters died in the move and are decomposing in the back yard. This one had some issues- the head and hands w/ ball snapped off in the mold. There was no way around losing the head, as the circular platform locked the mold in place, and a sacrifice was called for. Other than flotillas of air bubbles, it is the cleanest pull of all attempts so far. I’m hoping the bubbles were due to using my small blade mixer, I turned the place over looking for the large blade and of course found it 600 miles north where it fell out of my tool bag this summer. Also the mix was off, as the plaster is not as hard as it became for the TailWing cast. I have yet to pour the missing arm, as it is a separate mold. I put one allthread rod from her foot and up her leg, and placed three bolts into the wet plaster of the circular base to attach to the wood platform, rather than using her supportive allthread as I’d done in the past- I think this will put less stress/pinch on the feet and give her a better shot of survival.
I spent most of the day taking new shots of TailWing and burning disk #2  for a commission proposal due this Sat. The old picts just weren’t making it…



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