a painting a day keeps insanity at bay

The colors are almost right above- though the dramatic warm spot of sun on the R doesn’t read. The image below just does not capture the band of light through the trees and the contrast on the butte (or the fade of intensity to the middleground)- but it gives a rough idea. I’m creating these with a limited palette of Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber, French Ultramarine, and Titanium White. For the highway yellow line on the top I put in a bit of Cadmium Yellow.

This comparison shows the range of how far the camera diddles around with an image. I went back into the image below for the road and brush, and a few subtle changes in the trees, oh- and the cow is darker. All the other changes are due to camera/computer/web diddle-gaps.

The art organization I used to direct here in town offered an oil painting class for adults, and the new director mentioned the classes while we were out for a coffee. The instructor is a great local painter, Brad Slaugh. The class met only about 6 or 7 times, but it was enough to get my head back into painting- which had been my undergrad major for my first two years of college till I abandoned it for sculpture. The work below is a color problem Brad set up, a magenta light from one side and a yellow light from the other; purple and yellow paper; beets and lemons and squash and etc. Our palette was  Y & Purple (mixed from blue/red).


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