Proscenium to Landscape

Elizabeth: “They are just too magical to show up well in a photograph- like a Unicorn …or Sasquatch.”

 In the span of June-Nov I found myself driving from KS to MT, MT to UT, UT to KS, KS to UT, UT to MT, MT to UT, UT to MT, and MT to UT. This time behind the wheel moving across the amazing Western landscape juxtaposed itself with prior summers of mine as a mountaineer in CO as well as the time spent in the saddle or walking the vast expanse of the MT ranch. This past summer/fall road travel became my time in the landscape- in the summer with the convertible top down, in winter with the wind roaring through the old top as though sitting near a small waterfall- just enough to blur music to a background curiosity. There is an illusion that one is not really in the landscape, that the windshield is somehow similar to a TV screen or a theater stage; but an errant deer or antelope, or a patch of ice hidden in a tight canyon curve, or a tire going, or engine trouble, or a truck drifting into my lane- all possibilities of suddenly coalescing out of the odd spacial warp of time/distance, emerging suddenly from the false security of the illusory proscenium.

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