Your Doom is Sealed, Regardless

The plight of the US/World economy simplified for popular consumption.
saw a newly generated world economy, a doubling (or more) of all world
assets within a decade causing a glut of virtual assets that needed a
“real” object of value to be counted against so that the virtual asset
could be traded- and in being traded be cashed out. ie: legal money
laundering. These now hard assets were then traded within the corporate
banking structure, and none of it ever entered the public sphere.
International corporate banking systems determined that the American
housing market had the highest potential of providing the necessary tangible asset.
The housing market is then inflated to more than double for the maximum value
rollover possible, and more- and the mortgage industry ensures that
these homes are “affordable” to anyone removing all prequalifications.
The housing boom of the mid 2000’s is engineered to boom and bust well
within the time-frame needed to launder the entirety of the world’s
virtual asset pool.
Mortgage Buyers (no one bought a home during this time- they only took
over the legal responsibility of the house leaving the banking industry
to sell the diversified asset to another lender, leaving all banks in
the clear) refinanced the exploding value of their homes and bought new
cars, boats, electronics, traveled, and spent themselves out- then
refinanced and spent more. These Mortgage Buyers believed they could
sell the house at its hugely inflated market value and break even or
even profit further and consumed accordingly. A large amount of the
economy shifts to Home Building/Selling, and this liquidity drives
supporting markets, and large sectors of local economies shift toward a
closed loop that rely entirely on housing. This loop represents yet another virtual asset at a greater amount than the original, but is entirely smoke and nothingness and howling negative asset.
This market of residuals derived from non-existent home value creates
an immense ramp-up in auto production, fossil fuel consumption, and
every nick-knack that Americans cram into their homes, boosting
production worldwide and creating worldwide over-investment in
nick-knack production.
This entire new world economy stands on nothing, as the virtual assets
that started the boom never entered the economy. The economy of all
nations boomed on the value ascribed to American housing to launder and
clear the profits that existed before the boom began. Once the system
was in place however, the system was run beyond capacity to move the
newly generated ghostly smoke that inflated the “bubble wealth” and capture as much as possible before
it burst.
As the bubble burst, the only real virtual asset remaining was held
nationally by the Federal Government. This has been effectively liquidated as well, paid straight
into the same system. We won’t mention that the government is not using its own money, but is instead borrowing against the future of its citizenry. 
There is no possible recovery.
financial collapse is just a polite metaphor to the industrial grade devastation of the
entire planet, which is also beyond all recovery. Virtual toxic assets
are meaningless compared to the toxic reality, but gain meaning in that
toxic assets will only quicken the industrial engine that grinds
reality to its doom.
 -I must be a bit burned out on painting…

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