Old Auntie ‘Stang Has Taken Over the Garage

My little gal is out on the curb, forced to give her bedroom to her auntie. Ol’ Auntie nearly had the neighbors calling about the noise as she rolled off of the flatbed. She is guarded by a wyrven of mouse ghosts, and the Ford F250 6.5 liter V-10 extended cab, full bed beast of a truck that pulled her all the way from Montana (till my sister claims it to run sheep- a cattle truck’s nightmare, but nowhere near as disheartening as joining the metrosexual city-trucks).
I’ll have my hands full for a bit, getting the old gal feeling pretty again. She may even warrant taking a trip to the spa for some professional monkeywrenching. By spring I hope she feels up to some Sunday driving with the top down…

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