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I may be done. Hard to say. Just because there are some areas that I’m unsure of doesn’t mean that I should work them more.

This one was worked more while working on Bale II. The digital process has really gutted them both of life and color (Bale II below is closer than the two above)- On that note, I submitted Entropy Bale II & Elizabeth with Heavy Ball to a state show- the museum curator was excited to see E w/ Ball and hoped it would get in. Neither piece was accepted, so I’ll drive down tomorrow and pick them up.



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The background has taken most of my attention so far. Today moved from the foreground into the bale. I started with too small of a brush and lost my sense of mass, then backed up with a larger brush and started pushing around with the shadow areas- getting just far enough to leave a nice mess.

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Yes, she is still pretty damn fun to drive.

 When last we talked cars, I had just changed her spark plugs and oil and was wondering how much real work she needed. I brought her in for a Spa-Day at my trusty local monkeywrencher and it turns out she just needed a little bit of this, that, and the other. She even passed safety with the old crappy tires I had put on for $10 apiece last fall, as her old set from 1986 during my Senior year had rotted off. Now she has nice new whitewalls, and feels like every gal does after a fancy pedicure- ready to burn off a toe!

I took her out for a spin to the Marina on the Great Salt Lake, driving into a 50mph headwind of an incoming storm. She did just fine, and begged to go faster than a piddling 80mph- she has always baited me like that.

Coming back through town she burbled and thundered along, and gave me that crazy massage she does when waiting at a light.

All that smoke in the pictures is bad gas going through a caramelized carburetor- fresh gas, clean jets, and a few more hours running should clear it out.




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