Mustang: update

Yes, she is still pretty damn fun to drive.

 When last we talked cars, I had just changed her spark plugs and oil and was wondering how much real work she needed. I brought her in for a Spa-Day at my trusty local monkeywrencher and it turns out she just needed a little bit of this, that, and the other. She even passed safety with the old crappy tires I had put on for $10 apiece last fall, as her old set from 1986 during my Senior year had rotted off. Now she has nice new whitewalls, and feels like every gal does after a fancy pedicure- ready to burn off a toe!

I took her out for a spin to the Marina on the Great Salt Lake, driving into a 50mph headwind of an incoming storm. She did just fine, and begged to go faster than a piddling 80mph- she has always baited me like that.

Coming back through town she burbled and thundered along, and gave me that crazy massage she does when waiting at a light.

All that smoke in the pictures is bad gas going through a caramelized carburetor- fresh gas, clean jets, and a few more hours running should clear it out.




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