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The Rain Gods, as always, know when we head off for a vacation in the outdoors and provided daily thunder-showers just the way we like it! We drove the convertible through Grand Tetons National Park with the top down and the rain was swept over us by the wind- not for everyone, but we were game for it.  We had our commuppance when the convertible top stopped working on our last day, luckily it wasn’t stuck down- just a quick trip to the Ford Parts store to replace the faulty button when we got home.

Saturday morning we left our little Bed & Breakfast for a quick hike to Ski Lake, and took this shot of all the mosquitoes hiding behind the wildflowers, probably a thousand behind each petal. Other hikers were begging us for repellent, but we didn’t have any either. An amazing morning for Alpine flower enjoyment, the long cool & wet spring/summer had many flowers blooming “out of season”. 

We went for a pleasant little walk up a river and around a lake at the Rockefeller Preserve, just opened to the public it is quite serene as only 50 people are allowed at a time. The visitor’s center is worth stopping in, unlike any other national park experience as it was created to Rockefeller’s wishes- a meditative nature sound room was time well spent (and an amazing feature that puts any science center to shame, and I spent my time around planning tables for these things…)

Fairy Land of Columbine. and skeeters- stopping for each picture brought me closer to needing a blood transfusion. Still, I have way too many pictures of Columbine.

Building thunderheads let us know its time to let another pair of tourons replace us in the preserve.

Nice views.

We scared up some critters just past the dog-walkies destination of Ski Lake. The moose seemed surprised that two-leggeds wandered beyond the lake to their hillside retreat. They brushed up pretty quick…

Its not so bad being a Touron in Jackson Hole.

We seem to have gotten married while we were there. Does anyone remember that happening? Oh that’s right, we eloped!

A few sunshine picures before the hail and rain and thunderstorm arrived.

Mother nature wanted to know if we were really serious about the whole endeavor, and threw a wash-out hail and lightning storm between the sunshine pictures and the little jump into the park for our ceremony at Jenny Lake. A wise fellow at the B&B stated, “Nothing can go wrong at a wedding, it can just be more interesting.” Then his little boy gave us bottle of Maple Syrup that they had brought all the way from New Hampshire.

It is rumored that wedding vows under rain showers bode well for newlyweds. Here, Dan tries to keep Elizabeth warm…with Diamonds…sucess!

Mother Nature put on quite a show, with thunder punctuating our vows. The Grand Tetons were a wonderful cathedral, and the music of the elements was unsurpassed for our special day. Two minutes after the ceremony was finished, it all closed in…and we drove back through rain and lightning and hail (and stopped for one last “Bridal photo of bravery” seen below)
in the image above I would like to draw your attention to the tree sprouting dramatically from Dan’s head. This was  a popular theme with our photographer. We will spare you the “nose tree” shots. Seriously, what is wrong with a little direction- take two steps to the right- problem solved. aarg!

As seen in Napoleon Dynamite, or any other romantic Western, we had horses at the ready for our ride off into the sunset/storm- then we thought about the drycleaning bill for my rental tux not to mention the horse sweat stains on her satin dress…so we opted for the blue Mustang tethered offscreen.

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