Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Here we are in Greece getting married, again! Well, not in Greece, but in international waters near the island of Corfu. Elizabeth’s parents celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary by inviting Elizabeth’s sister Allison and Allison’s husband Peter, and Elizabeth and I to join them in Rome and board the largest sailing ship in the world for an 11 day trip around Italy. Things just progressed from there…

The captain performed our “ring ceremony” while we symbolically took the helm. Nearly half the passengers on board swarm in the background as an adopted wedding party.


The Royal Clipper unfurled her 42-sail 56,000 square foot party dress for the special night, so we could dance under the sails on open water to the “musical stylings” of our on-board pianist, -Laszlo-!

Below is a nice shot of our little group of landlubbers. The tall fellow in the background is Peter, standing behind his wife Allison (Elizabeth’s not-twin sister) in the floral print dress. Walter and Kaye are the happy parents of the bride, and Elizabeth grins ear-to-ear while I man the wheel.

Here she is with the sails up: The Royal Clipper. A great ship to take to all the historic port cities through Italy, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. And a fine vessel to get hitched on as well.
more to come…

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