Wench-Ho! (double entendre!)

 The Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared upon the prow and led us through a maze of reefs upon moonlit waters, his noodley appendanges touching us all! He was greatly pleased to find our swarthy crew of Pastafarian sea pirates, and ran our pursuing Corsican enemies upon hidden shoals. We came about and loosed a volley of cannon fire, snapping their main mast and opening them amidships to the shark infested waters. A fierce and bloody struggle was avoided, when they offered up their greatest and only treasure: the fairest lady of Atlantis- Elizabeth. FSM pronounced us as “Fork and Spoon before a great Pastafarian feast”, then he threw a great meat ball around the moon, and catching it again, created a high tide that carried us far and away.
Here we are at our nuptials, where the FSM did bid me to inspect the wondrous booty, and know his blessings.

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