Rest Day for my hands…

The buck quail has used up nearly all of my remaining clay. I already have around 100 lbs of clay on him, and have only just “skinned” the foam and gave the form some symmetry. Yesterday I went a tad ocd and layed up a vast amount of clay over the wire/foam armature that I had made the day before- now my hands are beat up with bruising under the fingernail from all the torsion of pressing clay into place. I should have kept layering up foam for another day, as the scale of the critter requires huge amounts of clay to backfill areas and/or change a dimension.
I have two five gallon buckets of clay left, but they are a hard clay given to me by a friend who was laying up an aerodynamic bike shell. I guess I’ll see how it lays on, then tear down two 1/2 life size figures and feed them to the beast as well.
Considering all that, I also have a foreboding that I should just tear the whole thing down and start over. The weight has already compromised the armature. We’ll see how it is going by early next week. If it looks dubious and the gesture of the piece hasn’t come together, then I’ll rip it down. My welders arrive next week (a week late), and if I go for a re-do then I’ll weld an armature together- rather than rely on heavy gauge aluminum wire.
Guess I’ll take a trip to the library for more books on tape!

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