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One week later, he is half feathered. I had many distractions this week, and only put in 10 disks of Claudius The God by Robert Graves. I measure time by books on tape any more. I had hoped to get this far by Friday, then finish out his other side over the weekend, and take Monday to work his legs and tweak troubled spots. No such luck. I spent two days adjusting his face and neck, and sorting out volume issues with his body before I could even start on feathers.
Feather areas require a few failed attempts before getting them right, then new feather types need to be tried out, and sometimes this requires obliterating other areas of feathers as they no longer read cohesively, and a new round of experimentation begins. These are usually little 20 minute setbacks, but they really start to add up. Another factor in slowing things up is the fact that this kind of fussy retentiveness makes me loopy and annoyed- which results in a sort of burn-out exhaustion of patience.
All whining aside though, I’m starting to think he has a good bit of Quailyness going on. 

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A five hour day of drastic changes that I’m guessing only I can spot. The one on the left is the old, on the right is the new. Give up?
I lifted the belly and exposed more of the legs (real surgery that cut through foam all the way to the armature), then moved the line of the wing up a few inches and pushed the dynamic of the wings folding across the back.
In all, this gave him a stronger sense of perching with poise and springy balance.

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Four days on the hen and one day on the buck- she emerged from her cartoon stage to a place where she is nearly ready for feathers. The buck will be my weekend project, and likely into next week, to get him to the level she is at now. He is quite a bit bigger, and changes on him take awhile.
The books on tape that helped me along recently include:
Mr Sammler’s Planet: Saul Bellow
The Sea Wolf: Jack London
Dead Man’s Walk: Larry McMurtray
Moral Disorder: Margaret Atwood








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The big buck Quail is on his way. He was on hold for a bit as I had to weld in an additional support- but first had to buy the welder and have all new electrical wired in for the MIG, TIG, and big air compressor- then I could get him going again. He is about four feet tall, and weighs quite a bit- so I needed to stabilize him before going further.
There is a phase of making a new critter, where there is more wrong than right with it and at this scale it takes awhile to make changes. Finally thought, he is getting some life to him. I added a few picts of the buck in his awkward stage, and after those images come the three chicks. I worked them while getting the shop tools set up- they are still a bit too cartoony, but I can bring them around.
Now I need to go back into the hen and bring her along, as now she seems rather “Dove-ish” in comparison to the buck.
Listening to: Roughing It, Mark Twain















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