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No picture. My bad- because it really looks pretty crazy. The foundry Super, Denny, looked a bit pained when I pulled it out of the truck. Another dorko-artist making a spaztic puzzle and dumping it at his doorstep. But the foundry should have the wax ready early next week.
I spent the greater part of the week creating clamps along the mold seam. I nearly gave up and went with the old standby of painting in the wax layers on each side of the mold, then joining them together- a soul sucking arty-dystopia of a job. The mold is supporting a large volume of liquid by the time it fills up, and my leaky water tests showed just where I need to make changes the next time I try a similar support system. She wound up with a complex system of washer/spacer/wingnut/bolt clamps every 3 or 4 inches along the bottom of the mold, bolstered by 12 c-clamps and5 big pinch-clamps, with 10 small pinch-clamps across the top and in stubborn spots: for an overall spinal meningitis dinosaur’s backbone effect.
Meanwhile the Mobile is coming back into view. I met with the lighting design team about creating a glow from within the Salt Blocks (in addition to “glowing” the Salt Stone). It all depends on whether I can cut the Block thin enough to let light shine through and still retain structural integrity. Sounds like I’ll be getting some new tools, as I need to get a prototype made, or see if a prototype can be made at all that would allow the light to glow through. If not, there is a rather goofy option of connecting small spotlights at the bottom of each Block and shining it up against the stone- I imagine a spider/octopus contraption of lights under every element and think a bit harder about how best to cut the block thinly.

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