Block Cutting

This was last Thursday’s project. To do the cuts right, I need a 20″ blade. Only big outfits and professional Masons have saws that big- and none of them would let me hire them. Rentals only go up to a 16″ blade. Buying the 20″ blade machine starts at $2,500 and the blade is around $300.
For the prototype of the previous entry I rented the small unit, made two cuts for each plate, then fiberglassed a side for strength and ground down the other side til the double cut mark was smoothed away. The plates were still not true, convex/concave bcs of the irregular cutting.
Thursday’s cuts created about half of the plates I will need, and this half will take a week of prep work to make them usable.
I asked Elizabeth to post on the City’s employee web to see if anyone knew anyone with a 20″ blade. On Monday, all of these bad cuts were obsolete- the City grapevine came through. I ordered the full 1,500lbs of salt block that day and plan to spend this Saturday (4/24) getting the cuts done right with a friendly Mason. And even better, we won’t be doing it at my studio- it makes an amazing amount of salt dust that coats everything, not to mention the noise of a big saw cutting through block.

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