Hang It All!

Way back in a big planning meeting for the Mobile it was determined that I should have it ready to hang by September. A few months go by, and I’m pushing through the Quail as quickly as they’ll go. I decide to leave off sculpting the 3 chicks and focus on the big Buck & Hen on skates. This works out well enough- I go to another meeting for the Mobile and they have moved the install date to June! We go back and forth a bit, and we come down to the hanging hook done by early June. The next week (late March) I get a call- can I have the hook done in two weeks? Jeez. Really? So I get it done. And now it has sat in the studio for two weeks, as they aren’t ready to install it. I almost got to deliver it to the site yesterday- but no go. So let’s keep looking for it in the shop and see if we can spot when it disappears!

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