Pool Party


Yard work was supposed to give way to a bike ride in the afternoon, but the fish told Elizabeth that it was time to open the pond. We started by transplanting/splitting plants into a slew of black buckets we picked up at All-A-Dollar. The shop-vac earned it’s wet-dry keep and sucked all the winter detritus out, while E scrubbed the sides, and I scrubbed too with the scrubby attachment. I caught all the fish and moved them up to the middle pond and E climbed into the empty bottom pond and scrubbed it down to black. All the new and established plants around the yard got double and triple shots of pond water- yum!
At E’s prodding I put in the new pump that I had picked up last fall (the old pump died the day before we left for our Europe trip), and our small pump that kept things flowing through the winter is now powering up a water bubble.
We went shopping for a deal on a Shubunikin or two, none were on sale, but our trusty pet store once again had one in with the feeder Goldfish for .37cents. The guy at the register recognized the Shubunikin in with the regular fish, and made sure we weren’t using them for “feeder fish”- but kept to the .37cent price.
The fish in the middle pond have been hopping into the waterfall to the bottom pond- the bigger pump makes a fuller current and they swim on down.
It was a long day that almost killed me, and left me woozy through the next morning; but the whole thing is holding together and I hope the non-stop pond dramas of last year are behind me.

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