Salt Stone Redux

I went back through what I thought was finished and refined them, then continued on with the rest. My orbital sander was starting to throw sanding pads the minute I put them on, and the dang thing was unwieldy for sanding the edges, so I fired up the air compressor and broke out the metal chasing abrasive and polishing disks. The pneumatic right angle grinder with a zip lock ripping pad, then a sanding pad, then a red pad, then a blue pad- with a 220 pad to cut the edges, then a nice wax finish. Done in less than half the time of the orbital sander, with better result, and less arm crippling repetition and vibration!.
 I posted these images last night, and finished out the rest of the stones today. 48 stones. and of course found a better disk to cut the edge so it won’t have the white crushmarks you can see on most of the stones- but I’ll wait to fix that when I’m fiberglassing the hanging pin to the back- that job is going to wait so that I can store them flat for a bit longer.
Tomorrow I meet with the mason out at his job-site and we cut 1500lbs of salt block down to 250lbs of plate. Then I bring it all back to the studio and begin the next round of fiberglassing and fiddling about.

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