Modular Repetition and Stacking- so Post-PostModern!



The process of making something involves a lot of repetition and stacking of stuff- if I had my degree from an ivy-league school I could make a show for the Chelsea gallery that came with the degree with the stacked stuff alone. Instead, I’ll just cut even more 8×8″ squares of fiberglass cloth and, next week, stick them to the back of the salt block that I’m scheduled for cutting this afternoon. I suppose I should include the stacked salt block in the shop and truck, as further media exploration of industrially produced modular repetition that is stackable.
Wow. What a hep art show I could install. I could say things like, “It’s all about process.” and slip in the old art standby “visceral” at dramatic moments, and talk about the purity of media and how it directs my authenticity and keeps me grounded and honest. And if that didn’t make the pink haired tat-girls cry, then I’d have to break out the hot-glue and really get spontaneously conceptual and “real”.  I’d be wearing my Carharts, leather welding jacket and boots, and maybe my welding helmet (if the hot glue scenario was necessary).
In the center of the room would be a comfy leather chair housing a live Performance Art “happening” involving Elizabeth brushing Yellow Cat with the furminator and clipping his claws- just to add that demented cateryowling and danger: not to mention the stackable cat hair and a little display of his claw clippings. This would be an aspect of a New Media piece, where a projection of the Yellow Cat incident is projected onto Cmonster the German Shepherd- tracking to her wherever she goes- revealing her internal torment. This would play continuously, even after the live performance is over, alluding to the eternal torment of those loyal to art.
Why, oh Why, can’t I ever get a show?

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