Camera took a hiatus

Sunday’s salt block adventure lasted from 8:30 am to 3pm- a bit longer than we had planned by twice. The spot was great, down on the riverbed where a vast new sewage treatment plant is going in at the base of “point of the mountain”. There are a slew of millionaire mansions overlooking the site- kinda funny that. For most of the morning the U.S. Military was firing off munitions on the neighboring hillside- a line of visual explosions followed a few moments later by concussion blasts. So we have a ginoumouse construction zone with a super-crane built into the site (more than 200 men work there during the week), the military blowing shite up, and snowcapped peaks all around, and we are running a monster 220/60amp saw making clouds of salt: manworld. I took two pictures of my mason pal cutting the block on Sunday, then forgot to bring the camera home- so no pictures for a bit. We have to wait for the remaining cobalt block to come in, and for Nunny The Mason to cut the remainder before the camera comes home. And too bad, because there is easily an MFA show worth of Repetitive Objects spread around the shop and yard as I fiberglass the backs of each piece of salt block. I got 120 done today, and will do about the same tomorrow. Funny thing, even with the 20″ blade it takes two cuts to get through the block- and the bigger blade can’t cut the block as thinly. So I have square-er pieces that still need to be ground thinner.  I had to run way out to West Valley to get more resin and fiberglass, which slowed the ol industrial process down, and I took the 64 Stang in for the annual licensing safety check as well- once the old girl passed her safety (needed a rear brake cylinder replaced) the old girl wanted her first run of spring- up Emigration  canyon and down I-80 to blow out some cobwebs. She always cleans out some of mine as well: almost like fear, more like cheating death- loud and fun anyway. 

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