Sunday determined to be “day of rest”

This is the worksite from last weekend, just put a fresh blanket of snow on the hills in the background and you would have today. That and Nunny & I giving up on cutting the cobalt block, as only Morton’s will hold together. The feed store I had ordered from a month back never filled the cobalt block order- last weekend we had just a pair of cobalt block and the store promised to have the rest in this week. They didn’t come in, and they couldn’t get any in till this coming Tues if that- so I went elsewhere and bought the block. They asked if I wanted Morton’s or a different brand, and I asked for the Morton’s. When the pallet arrived at the truck, they had the off-brand, and it looked about the same. Turns out it completely dissolves as soon the saw touches it, and you can powder any clumps with a gentle squeeze. So we shut it down. As it is Utah on a Sunday, we just assume that the feed store is closed, and rescheduled for tomorrow; that is, if they can get the Morton’s block for me. Then we can cut it, I can back it all with fiberglass, and grind it down to nearly paper thin so that light can pass through it- which will be a good chunk of next week.
The good thing of the day was the realization that only Morton’s Block can hold together. If I had started with any of the other brands and had them all blow apart I may have panicked and thought that it just wouldn’t work at all. So dumb luck has won the day so far, and today my setback was really just showing me how lucky I’ve been up to now. It’s nice to get the full picture of how close to the edge of possibility this whole Salt Mobile really is.
In other good news, the big hanging hook will no longer be hogging the background of all my shop pictures. I delivered it Friday afternoon, and after some scratching of heads and talk of having me take it back home again, we lashed it upright to an inside wall (so it wouldn’t fall and kill someone) and they will figure how they can fly it up into place.

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