The day’s real job was getting the cobalt block in hand. I headed over to the feed store (Reagan’s are “gittin’ er done” folks! this saying even floated about on the lips of employees while I stood about) and explained what I was up to with the feed block, and how it had to be Morton’s to hold together. They had 40 blocks listed as Mortons Cobalt in their warehouse, but of course that is just a shorthand for blue block of the shattering kind. There was a pallet up in Logan though, and they told me it would be a week or more. But my helpful salesman didn’t like that answer, and found that they had a driver heading up for an open load that morning- he asked if the driver could put the block in the cab and it was no problem. I had the block by 4:30, and rode the first wave of rush-hour out to meet Nunny for cutting. 
I was back at the studio by 6:30, and it was still 70 outside (after a week of rain and snow, and another storm system on the way) so I backed all the new blue plate with fiberglass. The temperature dropped 10 degrees and the resin slowed way down and was still tacky at 9pm- but will be good for grinding by the morning.
Meanwhile, during the day, I welded up a hanging hoop/plate and put it up on the trans-beam at the head of the garage. The door still opens/closes with good clearance from the hoop, and I can reach up behind the door and clip on my new electric 1 Ton hoist. The beam floating from the hoist is the main trans-beam for the mobile. I welded on its hanging hoop as well, and ground the paint/text from the big hooks that get welded to the ends sometime down the road.

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