Last Quail is now second to last, yet is farther behind.

There was this idea in my head that all the big wax quail could be finished out by the end of the week. It seemed like the idea could exist outside of my head as well, but then the foundry had a blow-out with part of the Buck. A blow-out happens during metal pour, when the bronze snaps/shatters the ceramic shell. The quail is cut into multiple sections for shell & metal pour, but we still have to pull a new wax- in fact the foundry will have to tack-weld the whole bronze bird out and the new wax section will have to be fitted to match the missing part.
So much for the fantasy of being done messing with molds and wax. Which also makes me have to suppress the rising dread of not having time to work on the chicks while I get the other commission going.
Speaking of the other commission, my buddy Shawn dropped by yesterday and gave me a hand setting up the big beam that I will float the various parts of the mobile from. I still have to add a few more lateral braces at the top, and weld up an eye to a plate and bolt it to the main beam (as I did for the big beam at the front of the shop a few days back).
In a bit I’ll weld those two hooks to the big beam I floated in the Hoist post.
Meanwhile, I have all the parts for the new Salt Block element fiberglassed together- just flat sides. Next I’ll make a box out of them, which will be a bit of a trick. First the weather has to warm up so the resin will set.

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