Saturday’s Actual Project

Before Carmine walkies, before breakfast, and before coffee we headed to the Wasatch Community Garden spring plant sale and overdid it a bit on the non-vegetable “extras”. But they’ll really fill in the spots that our other 40 (!) early spring plantings couldn’t quite cover.
With a pallet of veggies, one needs to have a veggie garden. I’ve been making noise about getting a redwood box made since last summer- so it was off to Home Depot to see how big of a ding I could put in the gift card my sister gave us for our wedding, last summer…this was the project I had said I would use it for and it has been in my wallet since. So, finally, we put a dent in the card (Thanks Karen!) and got two 10′ x 6″ x 2″ boards and built out the box on the tailgait of the truck in just a few minutes. Then I dug out the spot it would sit in, got out the level and made some adjustments, got out the pick-axe and blew through an old concrete footing complete with metal post, drove rebar at each inside corner of the box to pin it in place, tamped the soil around the outside and inside edges, then filled it with bags and bags of garden soil. There is a possibility of freezing temps again next week, so we are keeping the newbies in the sun room til the weather settles down.

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