Mobile starts swinging.

Finishing up the light box was Mon/Tues. Then Tues/Wed was writing a letter and doing a radio interview to try to save good ol’ YouthCity Artways from the Mayor’s sacrificial budget altar. Thurs was welding the hanging hook to the 20′ pole and figuring out how to fit it to the main hanging hook from many blogs back- it needs to keep from swinging side to side as well as have a brake arm that keeps it from lifting the top end through the ceiling. I think I got it covered, but would like to bring it out to the site and fly it from the hook. Fri I polished out 10′ of the pole, then had to cut my letter for YCA by half so it could run in the local paper. Today, Saturday, I polished out the remaining 10′ then welded on the hooks, then flew 300lbs and got big curve seen in the last picture. I thought it was too much of a bend, so I took a 3′ rod of about half the dimension of the big rod and welded it at the center. Then I put 175lbs on one side and had E sit on it as well, and I hung from the other side with 75lbs slung from the hook at my end- this put nearly the weight it will fly when finished and it looked a lot better than in the last image posted.

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